A place to call home

Residential Services

At Pathways, our Residential Department works to enhance the quality of life of each participant receiving services by empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Apartments and homes are monitored 24/7 by licensed staff.


Caring and attentive staff are available to provide welcoming home environments for all.


Sites are available in Pittsburgh’s north and east neighborhoods.

Well-Rounded Life

Each service helps to provide people with a fulfilling life in the community of their choice.
Healthy & clean food

Culinary Services

Our Culinary Services Department is experienced in providing exquisite cuisine for residents to enjoy, while also following the specialized diet instructions specified for each participant. Ahead of each meal service, a great deal of time is spent on the needs, preferences, and physician recommendations for food preparation.

Heart Healthy

Culinary experts create customized meals to enhance the overall nutrition for each participant on a daily basis.

Kitchen Creativity

Attention to detail and creativity are at the forefront of the homemade, prepackaged food options available.
A change for the future

Behavioral Services

At the core of our expansive service offerings for those living with intellectual disabilities is our Behavioral Services Department. Through this program, each participant receives the personal attention and care needed to be a well-rounded member of the Pittsburgh community.


Our highly-qualified behavioral specialists equip participants with the tools needed to succeed in all areas of their lives, including personal and professional developments.


The framework supporting our mission is known as “The Everyday Lives” principle. Trained Behavioral Support Specialists work daily toward helping participants to achieve identified goals and outcomes.


Our Behavioral Service Department offers emotional stability and behavioral techniques to improve the quality of life for individual exhibiting a need for behavioral supports and personal growth.